MIDI Routing & Setup Tutorials

These Maschine tutorials focus on the aspect of midi routing and using midi both internally and externally with software and external instruments.

Using macro controls and midi learn with external controllers

Many times people ask how to assign controls in Maschine to the knobs on their keyboard or other controllers. There may be many instances when you want to do this. For example, you may want to tweak some settings on an effect you have loaded in group H, while playing some samples from group A….how […]

How to play chords in Maschine using a MIDI chord generator plugin

What’s good MT Fam! I’ve received a lot of questions this year since Maschine had plugin hosting, wanting to know how to using midi generation plugins like chord players, etc, inside of Maschine. We know that Maschine doesn’t allow internal MIDI routing, so my answer was always “maschine doesn’t have the proper routing yet” One […]

How to layer plugins internally and play them from your keyboard

Yo what’s good MT fam, I wanted to put out a another free tutorial for the Maschine community as a whole on YouTube showing how to layer your plugins in Maschine. Not only that, I show it in a way that gets around the limitations of Pad Link mode which allows you to actually play […]

Maschine and KONG pt 2: individual pads in Maschine mapped to pads in KONG

Yo, this is a follow up to the tutorial I did showing how to properly get set Maschine to trigger kits in KONG. That required the use of keyboard mode and it also didn’t allow you much flexibility over each note like having them on each pad. It was especially confusing when trying to use […]

Sequence multiple channels from Reason in Maschine via Rewire on PC

After Knock showed how to do multi channel reason sequencing on the mac, I had to figure it out for PC. It’s pretty much the same as I’ve done in the past, except now we have a way to get the sounds back in Maschine via the rewire plugin. This process for me is pretty […]

Sequencing Maschine in your DAW part 2: setting up midi routing properly in Studio One

This is part two in the Maschine in your Daw series. In this one I get into how to setup the midi routing properly so it can be recorded into your daw instead of maschine This is where it all comes together and where the flexibility happens, because now you can sequence in your favorite […]

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