Step Sequencing Battery 4 in Maschine from Individual Pads

Hey what’s good MT Fam!

I did a tutorial for using Battery 4 inside of Maschine, specifically in response to a question on how to step sequence Battery in Maschine.

Of course by default Battery is played in keyboard mode, so if you were to step sequence that you would have to change the note for each step.

This works, but it’s a little confusing to see what’s going on as everything is on one pad and will be the same color.

So I wanted to do a video showing how to set it up so you can play and sequence Battery kits just like a regular kit.

Using this method, each pad will relate to a different sound in Battery.

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I also did a video a while back showing how to route your Battery pads to individual channels in Maschine’s mixer, and this method works well with that too.

Check that video here:  routing battery out to separate Maschine mixer channels

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