Maschine 2.7.4 – Audio Loop Recording Workflow Using “Sound” Target Mode

Surprisingly Native Instruments released another update for Maschine, which is super quick since there previous update was only a couple of weeks ago.

Usually an update this fast is just a bug fix, but they actually added some new functionality, and some of the new audio looper features are pretty dope.

They added a new “target” mode, that lets you decide what happens to your new audio loops, there’s an option for takes, patterns, and sounds.

In this video I’m showing the sounds mode because it really fits the workflow I like to use and have been wanting in Maschine for a long time.

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Yeah, I still think there are many ways to improve it, but in terms of being able to quickly capture my ideas as audio loops they definitely made it super smooth.

There’s definitely many ways this can be useful, from my workflow to someone using it as a traditional looper, yet having access to individual parts of the loop on their own channel. Sound design, sound library creation, etc, lot’s of ways to use it.

Have you tried it yet, if so, what do you think or how do you plan to use it?

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