Using auto chop to slice and apply samples to pads with Maschine Mikro

Had a request for a tutorial on how to use slice mode and apply samples to pads and groups with the Mikro Maschine It’s a little different than the big Maschine but still the same concept, you just do not have all the controls that you do with more knobs It works sorta like Maschine […]

Using the step sequencer: making a house beat with Maschine Mikro

I wanted to share a tutorial for the Maschine Mikro with a different workflow for some that may not be used to or even mess with the step sequencer Maschine actually has a pretty good step sequencer, really fast to lay down a groove. I like to switch up the workflow at times, as you […]

Map Maschine Mikro to control Reason transport and drum samplers

I’ve been messing with Reason again recently, so I decided to map Maschine Mikro to control it’s transport and drum samplers This video shows the process, as well as how to save a default project so that you don’t have to re-map the transport controls every time. Maschine and Mikro are both really good midi […]

Maschine Mikro – changing pad octaves when in keyboard mode

Yo what’s good MT Fam, just a quick tutorial video showing how to change the notes your pads play on the Maschine Mikro when in keyboard mode. I like the way it’s implemented on the Mikro, hope they add the same labels to the standard controller. Basically what this does is allow you to use […]

Maschine Mikro vs Maschine size comparison

This is just another general Maschine Mikro video I wanted to do for the community as a whole. It’s a free video I posted on YouTube showing the size comparison between Mikro and original Maschine I also compare it to a Beat Thang, Emu Mp7, a laptop, and my 49 key midi controller

Free Maschine Mikro Tutorial – How to choose groups

In this tutorial I show how to choose groups on Native Instruments Maschine Mikro. Since the controller is smaller we don’t have group buttons on this one like the ones on the original. Make sure to check it out and share it around! For those with the original Maschine this helps you get passed the […]

Maschine Mikro: Loading groups and kits from the controller

In this tutorial for Maschine Mikro I show the process of loading groups and kits directly from the hardware controller The way you browse on the Mikro is pretty similar to the standard controller but with a few differences, however once you get used to them it’s very quick. It takes a bit of getting […]

Maschine Mikro: Load factory or user sounds and instruments from the controller

In this tutorial I show how to load factory and user instrument sounds from the Maschine Mikro controller The tutorial shows you the different screens you will see, how to navigate through them, and how to load your sounds. You may think it isn’t fast browsing on the Mikro with one knob and a small […]

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