Controller & MIDI Mapping

Tutorials covering the usage of the hardware controller with the Maschine software as well as general midi controller usage with other products.

Maschine pad layering using pad link groups

This tutorial gives you a rundown of one of the new features in Maschine 1.6 that let’s you layer samples better.  This feature is called Pad Link Groups and it lets you stack samples and trigger them together while still having full control of each sample.  In this video I explain the difference between master […]

Maschine hardware controller overview

This is a basic tutorial going over the hardware controller and explaining the various buttons and knobs. It is a good idea to get as familiar with the hardware as possible, as this adds to the workflow, speed, and ease of use for Maschine. The way the controller integrates with the software is really what […]

Maschine Tutorial: Browsing samples from the hardware controller

This is a basic maschine tutorial video showing how sounds are browsed from the hardware controller. It’s a quick look at how Maschine breaks down the banks and sounds. For instant access to all advanced tutorials, the private members forum, free downloads, and more, join the maschine tutorials membership today. Join Now!!

Maschine Tutorials