Loading a drum kit into Maschine

This tutorial video shows first time users how to load a drum kit into the Maschine sequencer It shows you how to browse for the kit you wish to use and load it so you can start playing live or sequencing it via the step sequencer. Browsing and loading kits or sounds in Maschine is […]

Creating and saving custom instrument sounds

This tutorial shows you how you can save your own sounds and instruments in maschine for later use Instruments would be similar to multi sampled sounds like keyboard, synths, strings, pianos, basses, or any other sound that you wouldn’t categories as a chop, hit, or drum sound. However, you can have whatever you want in […]

Loading drum kits without loading the preset patterns

This tutorial shows the proper way of loading a drum kit without loading the preset pattern. I know this particular issue is a frustrating one that comes up for many first time maschine users. Originally we just had to delete the pattern after loading a kit but Native Instruments implemented a dedicated feature to handle […]

Maschine Tutorials