Maschine MK2 hardware controller overview

This is just a basic overview for those new to the Maschine MK2 controller. I’ve went over different aspects of the controller before but wanted to do a general overview of all the sections, buttons, knobs, etc. This quick tutorial will get you familiar with the hardware so you can dig in and get to […]

Saving default project templates – updated

I did a video showing how to save default project templates a while ago, but NI has updated the process since then so I wanted to redo it for those that were getting confused by the old video. This process is useful if you always setup certain things like fx, instruments, or routings, or maybe […]

How to step sequence in Maschine like FL Studio

One of the things I hear from FL Studio users coming to Maschine is how much quicker it is to lay down a quick beat, since FL Studio has a dope step sequencer. I agree, it’s very quick! And if you like to work this way, don’t fret, you can do it pretty much the […]

Focusrite loopback sampling setup for Youtube, iTunes, Windows Media, and System Audio

I use the Focusrite Saffire pro 24, and it seems to be getting popular among Maschine users. Well I’d say Focusrite in general, because of their flexible routing and good sound. The first question I usually get is how to set it up to sample from youtube, computer audio, etc. So this is a quick […]

Using and understanding choke groups in Maschine

This is a basic tutorial explaining Maschine choke groups. I think I may have slipped it into another video or two before but wanted to have a video specifically covering this for those new to maschine or those that may not understand why you would use this feature. Many are used to this feature from […]

Sample playback and pad cutoff options

One of the first questions I usually get about Maschine is how to make a sample stop overlapping itself, how to make it play only when you hold the pad, or how to make it cut itself off. I know many of you know how to do this, but when you first get Maschine this […]

Understanding the sampler and pattern areas

This is another tutorial from the software interface overview series that shows the various parts of the sampler and pattern view areas in Maschine You definitely want to be familiar with these areas as you will probably be doing most of your work in these sections. Editing and slicing samples and creating new patterns are […]

Using an audio interface with multiple channels

Showing why it’s important to have an audio interface with Maschine and why it’s even more beneficial to have a multi-channel interface. This allows you to do some very easy routing and sampling anything from anywhere including on your computer, through itunes, external sources, and more. I show my setup with the M-Audio NRV-10 mixer/interface, […]

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