DAW & Host Integration

These tutorials cover the various aspects of DAW integration such as audio routing, midi routing, applying fx, sequencing, program changes, etc when using Maschine.

Mapping Maschine to Logic’s transport controls

Yo what’s good MT fam! This is another video of me exploring Logic. Saintjoe talked about mapping the transport controls of your daw to Maschine in his daw sequencing video, but he didn’t show it! So I wanted to show how to do it in Logic, let me know if you have any questions. *access […]

Maschine triggering KONG in Reason via ReWire

This is a follow up to the tutorial on how to use Reason as a plugin in Maschine. This shows how to set it up so that it triggers the KONG drum machine properly, by default the pads don’t line up right and Maschine will trigger the same drum on 3 pads in a row! […]

Sequencing Maschine inside of Logic

After watching the series saintjoe did on sequencing Maschine inside of a daw, I decided to have a look at using Maschine in Logic. This video shows the basics of setting it up, routing midi, audio, and using the environment area to handle all your routing. This definitely changes a lot of things for me […]

Sequencing Maschine in your DAW part 3: Routing audio properly in Studio One

This is the third and final part in the sequencing maschine in your daw tutorial series Part 1 showed how to setup the controller template, part 2 showed how to set up midi routing, and part 3 is going to show you how to route audio to different channels in your daw. This works no […]

Sequencing Maschine in your DAW part 2: setting up midi routing properly in Studio One

This is part two in the Maschine in your Daw series. In this one I get into how to setup the midi routing properly so it can be recorded into your daw instead of maschine This is where it all comes together and where the flexibility happens, because now you can sequence in your favorite […]

Sequencing Maschine in your DAW part 1: Controller Editor template setup

This is the first part of a tutorial series on setting up Maschine to be sequenced in your DAW of choice. Many wish to incorporate maschine into Logic, Cubase, Nuendo, Ableton, Studio One, Reaper, Digital Performer or whatever they are comfortable with, and wish to use Maschine as a module/sampler. Thing is, it’s not as […]

Drag audio from Maschine to Ableton Live and making sure the loops play correctly

This Maschine tutuorial shows you how to drag and drop audio from Maschine into Ableton Live and how to make sure your loops play correctly. If you don’t do it right, your loops will be all jacked up when you play them back in Live. This is really a nice workflow, especially for laying out […]

Maschine Tutorial: Using Ableton Live as a VST plugin rack

this is a free tutorial video showing how to use Maschine as a sequencer and use Ableton Live as a vst rack to host your plugins and instruments. For instant access to all advanced tutorials, the private members forum, free downloads, and more, join the maschine tutorials membership today. Join Now!!

Maschine Tutorials