Maschine and KONG pt 2: individual pads in Maschine mapped to pads in KONG

Yo, this is a follow up to the tutorial I did showing how to properly get set Maschine to trigger kits in KONG.

That required the use of keyboard mode and it also didn’t allow you much flexibility over each note like having them on each pad.

It was especially confusing when trying to use the step sequencer. Shout out to Mo Mulchandani for asking this question, which inspired this tutorial.

Basically I’m showing how to set up a whole group so each of the 16 pads in Maschine triggers a pad in KONG, so it’s just like loading a Maschine kit.

I also show you how to save it as a group, so you can pull it up any time you wish. As well as how to step sequence it.

So check it out.

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