Maschine 2.0: How to assign your chops to multiple pads from the software


Hey what’s good MT fam? This is a quick tip for Maschine 2.0 and those that are slicing/chopping their samples directly in the software. If you want to have each slice on it’s own pad instead of having all the slices applied to a single pad in keyboard mode this video is for you. When […]

Maschine Studio different ways to quickly delete sequence data from the controller


There are a few different ways to quickly delete your sequence data on Maschine Studio. No matter if you want to get rid of the whole pattern, data for a specific sound, or a specific section of your pattern, it’s really simple. In this video I go over multiple ways to delete your data, which […]

Maschine Studio how to adjust project tempo from the controller


If you’re new to Maschine Studio you may be wondering how to adjust the tempo, especially if you’re coming from the MK1 or MK2 controllers. There is no tempo knob so to speak, there is a tap tempo button, and there is a jog wheel. In this quick video I show how tempo is adjusted […]

Maschine Studio using the events button to edit individual notes or note ranges


It’s much quicker to do things to individual events or even a selected range of events in Maschine 2.0, and doing this from the Maschine Studio controller is definitely very intuitive. In this tutorial I show how to quickly select all the events for a specific sound, a range of events, or individual events. Once […]

Maschine 2.0 adding your kits to the browser without importing the whole folder


I’m very picky about my sample/browser organization and I feel currently there are a few limitations on the Maschine 2.0 browser when it comes to user content. I don’t like that we HAVE to import a whole folder and can’t import individual sounds or files. My prefered way of working with my kits is to […]

Maschine 2.0 how to make your pads and chops cut each other off


One of the main questions I get about Maschine 2.0 is how to make your pads cut each other off since they removed the group polyphony setting. Many of us used this setting to quickly have our chops cut each other off as well as themselves. (really hope they bring this back) For now, you […]

Maschine 2.0 How to create new patterns quickly using quick record mode


Here’s a little free video/tip I created to share with all Maschine users on how to quickly create a new pattern from the hardware. There is a new “quick record” screen that I think will improve the workflow for a lot of people. This is new in Maschine 2.0, and it works for the Maschine […]

Maschine 2.0 pulling up the mixer view from the Maschine Mikro


Of course with the new Maschine 2.o update there’s a lot of new shortcuts and quick key combinations to help you move around. Now the Mikro screen isn’t large enough to actually show a mixer view, but you do have the ability to switch to the mixer in the software directly from the controller. In […]

How to drag and drop MIDI when using keyboard mode


Hey what’s up MT fam? Got a quick Maschine tip for you today based on some questions I’ve been seeing with those using Maschine in a DAW. A lot of users love the MIDI drag and drop options in Maschine but it can get confusing when moving from kits and chops to keyboard mode or […]

Maschine Quick Tip: loading default fx modules from the hardware


Hey I got a quick tip for you from a question I received recently from a member. The question was how to load the blank fx modules directly from the Maschine controller. So if you don’t wish to load any of the factory presets, but say you want to load the factory reverb with a […]

Maschine Mikro: How to enable 16 level velocity pad mode


I had a question from a member on how to enable Maschine Mikro to play the same sound at different velocities across the pads. Basically this is called 16 velocity mode or “16 level” mode. It will take whatever sound you are currently on and spread it across all 16 pads with different velocities. Similar […]

How to set high and low velocity response for a single pad


Hey what’s good MT family! Had a question from one of our members on how to setup the pads so that they respond to a specific high and low velocity. Now there isn’t a pad mode that does this in Maschine, you can do a fixed velocity but not a specific velocity range. However, in […]

Creating new custom kits from the factory library kits


Sometimes you may only like certain sounds from certain kits in the Maschine factory library and don’t want to load the whole kit to use those sounds. Well it’s very quick and easy to build your own custom kits out by loading and pulling sounds from the factory kits and putting them into your own […]

Maschine MK2: How to adjust the metronome level


This is a quick video tip I put out for the public on a recurring question I get, how to adjust the metronome level from the Maschine MK2 hardware. The process is somewhat similar to how you adjust it on the MK1 but there is a slight difference you have to make sure you are […]

Assign filter cutoff of any pad to your modwheel


There are a lot of small tools and tricks you can use inside of Maschine to gain further control over your sound. One such trick is being able to quickly assign a filter to your sound/sample and then assign that filter cutoff to your modwheel. In this quick tip I show you how to set […]

Editing individual note position, length, velocity, and pitch


Hey what’s good fam, back with another quick tip for you to add to your Maschine toolbox. In this tutorial I go over the new features in 1.8 that allow more detailed control over the length, position, velocity, and pitch of individual events in the Maschine sequencer. If you like total control over your groove […]

How to get classic a sampler sound using Vintage mode

vintage sample

So we know Maschine has the MPC 60 and SP1200 emulation modes, but they can be very subtle if all you do is just turn them on. They also sound different depending on what type of sample material you use. In this video I want to show you how to really get that classic sampler […]

How to setup keyboard splits in Maschine


So this tutorial is for those that like to setup keyboard splits or keyboard performances, I’m going to show you how to do this directly inside of Maschine. This allows you to use Maschine as an instrument rack for setting up multiple performance sounds or key splits with however many sounds you want to play […]

How to start a new project from the hardware controller


Here’s a question I get from a lot of new Maschine users, how to load a new project from the hardware. I created a free tutorial to show exactly how to do this to share with the entire Maschine community. It’s a really simple process but can speed up your workflow tremendously if you like […]

Maschine MK2 – Volume, Swing, and Pitch quick adjust shortcuts


A great feature of the Maschine hardware is quickly being able to hold a pad and adjust the volume, swing, or pitch/tune of it simply by turning a knob With the Maschine MK2 controller update, the three knobs used for this shortcut were replaced with a single large knob and 3 buttons. The quick adjust […]

How to add new MIDI templates to Maschine with Controller Editor


Hey this is just a really quick tip for those new to using Maschine as a standard MIDI device. I get a lot of questions about how to add or create templates as well as how to open up the “controller” interface. In order to do this you need to open Controller Editor which is […]