Knock remakes classic hip hop song “It’s My Turn” by Stezo

I got my first placement back in the late 80’s on the Stezo album, the one with “It’s My Turn” on it. I didn’t do that, I did two others “Bring the Horns” and “Freak the Funk”, but this one is one of my favorites. Thanks to the breaks mannas gave us, I was reminded […]

Greenlight remix production process

What’s up MT fam! Just wanted to share a remix I am currently working on for a group I work with. I show my process of building up the intro, using filters, automation, etc. Check it out.

Snoop Sensual Seduction Remix explained

What’s up MT family, just wanted to share another one of my popular remixes with you, explain what I did and share the file with you so you can play around with it. This is a remix I did a while back on youtube for Snoop’s Sensual Seduction check it out!

Rihanna Rude Boy Remix explained and disected

Got a few requests for further explanation on how I did the Rude Boy remix so here is the detailed video along with the project file so you can play with it yourself, do your own remix and post it here in the forums or something!

Lady Gaga Acapella Hip Hop Remix

Another tutorial showing how to use acapellas and make remixes directly in Maschine This is more of a hip hop/urban type of track but the concept is the same for working with acapellas in all types of music.

Maschine tutorial on remixing using a Drake acapella

In this maschine tutorial I show another process I use for finding acapellas online, as well as how to find the bpm of a specific song quickly. I also use the drum sounds from month 1 of the stimulus drum kits.. you also get those for being an MT member! Check your member dashboard for […]

How to take an acapella and use it for making a remix

In this tutorial I show my process of finding an acapella, where I get it from, then how I sample it into Maschine, chop it, add fx, and make a club remix. I used a Rhianna acapella to make a club mix or remix directly in Maschine *exclusive member tutorial video, access instantly when you […]

Maschine Tips: Knocksquared Rude Boy electric mix

Free maschine video showing a remix of Rude Boy For instant access to all advanced tutorials, the private members forum, free downloads, and more, join the maschine tutorials membership today. Join Now!!

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