Save plugin presets or custom instruments and tag them automatically

If you’re like me, you like having some of your favorite instrument and plugin presets in the Maschine browser…I mean…it’s pretty dope for sure! But you may have held off because you don’t feel like tagging or saving then going back to find what you saved to tag properly.

For instance, if I take something like Rig from Big Fish Audio, it has a bunch of categories…and I want to move those categories into Maschine. I could just save all the patches and give them the type in their name, then go back and resave them into categories.

But the way I’m showing here allows you to say, save all the leads with the proper tags as you save them, so it’s easy to save multiple presets with the proper categories instead of having to tag them after you save them.

Basically I show how to save your presets with tags on them instead of having to tag after the fact

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