Maschine in Ableton Live workflow part 1 – An overview

We’ve been having some pretty good discussions on using Maschine with Ableton Live, and the two seem to work well together.

I personally was using Live before I got Maschine so I fell in love with it’s session view.

Now there are multiple ways people like to work with the two, some go standalone and drag and drop into Live for arranging.  Others use Maschine as a plugin sequencing inside of Maschine, others do the same yet drag the data out of Maschne into Live for arranging.

You can route groups, pads, instruments, record the midi into Live, etc.

Lot’s of ways to work!

I want to show one of my more common workflow styles, that’s using Maschine as a module inside of Live.

I record midi notes directly from the maschine pads into Live, so all sequencing is actually handled inside of Live, as well as routing.

I use external instrument devices when I want to route and sequence a whole group, since it can hold midi and audio.

This video is more of an introduction and explanation of the concepts behind my workflow, which I plan to follow up with more detailed videos showing how I set things up and how I work.

Be sure to ask any questions you may have as I am forming the Maschine/Ableton videos, so I can get them answered for you!

*exclusive video accessible when you join today!

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