Maschine 2.7 – Audio Loop Plug-In & Real-Time Time Stretching

Hey fam! If you haven’t downloaded it yet, Native Instruments released the Maschine 2.7 update last week.

Probably the most anticipated feature in the new update for most people is the new audio/looper module they added.

This module comes with real-time time stretching and pitch shifting for loops so you can change tempo and pitch seamlessly without degrading the audio.

I just wanted to put together a video to show you how it works with a few extra tips so you don’t get tripped up when using it.

While it is not quite what I was hoping for from an audio/looper module in Maschine, they say it’s only the beginning so we will see how it progresses over time.

Once I am able to quickly record audio into a clip/loop and have it seamlessly playback with my project I’ll be happy…that’s all I’ve wanted for many years.

If you’ve already been using this let me know how it fits into your workflow or if not, how do you think it will fit?

Of course if you have questions let me know.

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