Maschine 2.4.5 Browser Update, Independent Scene Length, New Audio Export Options

What’s good fam!

Just a quick video on some of the software updates in Maschine 2.4.5, you can download it now from Service Center or in your NI account

  • Arranger Updates: You now have the option to turn loop on/off & your scenes can be extended and are no longer tied to the length of your patterns.
  • Browser Update: You can now browse by vendor in the software and on the Maschine Studio controller. They also added browsing from the Komplete Kontrol keyboards
  • Audio Export Updates: You can now export the entire song without having to set the loop length, and you can also split your export by scenes.
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As usual, if you have any specific questions or need help with any of the features just let us know!

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