Maschine 2.0 recording multiple audio tracks into Ableton Live 9

For those that like to work in realtime and want to know how to track out Maschine 2.0 in Ableton Live 9 this tutorial is for you.

Maybe you prefer this method to drag and drop or traditional export, where you can come up with a basic idea and then perform that idea in realtime.

The good part about this setup is you get individual audio tracks of the performance, complete with all of your mutes, solos, tweaks or whatever else you wish to do.

Back when I was using all hardware this is how I used to record my songs, only I would record them to a stereo track on one of those 16 track digital recorders.

This is definitely more flexible because you can still go back and mix, add fx, and other things to each track.

If you have questions just ask!

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