Maschine 2.0 recording MIDI into Studio One 2 in real-time

Hey Fam! This tutorial is for those using Maschine 2.0 with Studio One 2 and you want to record your MIDI in real-time.

As you know, the MIDI setup within a DAW was changed drastically in 2.0 and it messed up the workflow for a lot of people due to not being able to route Maschine like we were used to.

You would get a bunch of MIDI feedback and it was just basically a pain in the neck.

Well in this video I show a workaround that may help give you a little bit of that workflow back until we can get an official update to address the situation.

I’ve been through lots of different ways of doing this and didn’t want to share a video until I had one I liked and that I felt would be useful to many users.

This way you can quickly switch between recording the MIDI and editing your kits or sounds without having to switch modes or use multiple instances.

As usual, if you have questions just ask!

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