Maschine 2.0: Create patterns automatically for linear recording using scene loop mode

I mentioned this in passing in a few other Maschine 2.0 tutorials on the scene loop mode, but there are some cool things you can do when recording.

It’s not quite the linear way of sequencing many of us are looking for, but it allows a bit more flexibility in how you record your data.

Say you have a group of scenes that you want to record a riff across, you can do so, and Maschine will create new sequential patterns for you as you are recording.

Of course these will be separate patterns and not one long pattern but still, it can bit a bit more useful when trying to capture a performance.

It’s also bound to your default pattern settings and it’s best to use a pattern length that is the same length as your scenes being looped for the smoothest workflow

However you may want to use smaller patterns for variety, say you want the first scene to have a certain pattern, and if your scene is 2 bars, it will loop whatever one bar pattern you create, however you can keep recording so that on the next scene it will start a new 1 bar pattern.

Of course, playing around with it is the best way to see how it works for you.

Check it out below, if you have questions just ask!

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