Maschine 2.0 adding your kits to the browser without importing the whole folder

I’m very picky about my sample/browser organization and I feel currently there are a few limitations on the Maschine 2.0 browser when it comes to user content.

I don’t like that we HAVE to import a whole folder and can’t import individual sounds or files.

My prefered way of working with my kits is to import the group files only, and leave the samples out of my browser.

I just don’t like having a bunch of samples in my browser personally…just a preference.

Well that’s not really supported in 2.0, I can’t import my old kits by just selecting the group files and importing them, nor do the tags automatically show up once you open them like they used to in previous versions of Maschine.

So this video highlights a personal workflow/preference of mine that I thought may be useful to others who don’t like to have a cluttered sample section in their browser.

If you like being able to browse all of your individual samples directly from Maschine’s browser then this will probably not be of interest to you.

But if you’re like me and sometimes you just want to import the kit/group or sound files without adding all the samples to your browser too, check this out

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