Maschine 1.8 – what are you looking forward to the most?

Well we all know by now that Maschine 1.8 will be here no later than October 1st, when the new controllers go on sale.

In case you forgot, here is a list of the upcoming new features:

New and improved features:

  • Offline time stretching and pitch shifting feature
  • Transient Master
  • Tape and Tube Saturators
  • Save group with samples feature
  • Improved handling of missing samples
  • Revised select page (hardware) with access to note length
  • Quick select events of a sound in a pattern (Shift + Select + Pad)
  • Quick erase events of a sound in a pattern (Erase + Select + Pad)
  • Pre-hear samples from the hardware browser before loading them
  • Choke all playing sampler voices feature (“panic button”: Shift + Mute)
  • Sample play position indicator on the waveform (hardware and software)
  • AutoWrite pinning feature
  • AutoWrite on Maschine Mikro
  • Host Transport Control*
  • Various bug fixes
  • Full version of the MASSIVE synthesizer plugin

For me, saving groups with samples and the quick erase option are the biggest things I wanted to see for a long time, along with a way to stop long samples from playing and better missing sample resolution. I know many are looking forward to the time stretching as well. Sample audition from the hardware will be nice, and finally having a playhead or “cursor” on our samples will be dope too.

Of course we also know about the new MK2 controllers which will have the new screens, color enabled pads, slightly new layout, and improved pad sensitivity/response.

So what things are you most looking forward to, and what would you like to see videos on first? I’m getting my list together now so we can be ready as soon as the update drops! I’ll do some free general update videos for the entire Maschine community and of course some more exclusive videos specifically for the fam, so let me know what yall want to see!

share your thoughts on the update, the new controllers, the customization options, and all that below


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