How to step sequence in Maschine like FL Studio

One of the things I hear from FL Studio users coming to Maschine is how much quicker it is to lay down a quick beat, since FL Studio has a dope step sequencer.

I agree, it’s very quick!

And if you like to work this way, don’t fret, you can do it pretty much the same in Maschine.

This tutorial shows how to “paint” in your notes, similar to FL Studio, so you can draw out your patterns quickly instead of banging them in real time.

I wish there were a few more options like the ability to “fill x number of steps” and such, basically some line patterns and stuff.

Maybe in a future update?

Anyway, peep it, I hope it helps.

Even if you’re like me and do your stuff real time, you may find, like me, you can use this for tweaking or embellishing upon what you’ve already done.

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