Free Maschine Tutorial: Tracking out audio like an MPC into Reaper in realtime

I just wanted to share one of my free maschine tutorials which shows how to setup Maschine to stream audio directly into Reaper.

If you’re from the hardware days and you’re used to tracking stuff in real time, playing your mutes, solos, etc into a live audio recording, Reaper is a great tool to have.

They have this app called “ReRoute” that lets you stream audio from any application into Reaper audio tracks

You can setup however many you need I believe, I had 16 but I believe you can use more. You just create the audio tracks in Reaper and tell it which reroute input to record.

In Maschine you just setup the routing so that it uses the reroute as your external outputs.

I did this video e a while ago on Youtube, before we had MT,  but still wanted to share it here as well, just to keep all the info in a central location

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