Free Maschine Tutorial: save your kits with samples so you can move and share them

One of the most common things I hear from people when it comes to their Maschine kits and samples, is how do you save them so you can move them between machines or share them with people. This was a huge plus for the mpc pgm format, you could easily create and share kits, companies could easily provide kits in a common, “auto loading” format, it’s a good thing all around.

NI has done something similar with battery and kontakt,  they are now very common formats, just like logic exs or reason nnxt. Unlike battery or kontakt, maschine doesn’t have a way to save the kit with it’s sounds, there is no export with samples or ability to save monolith files screen or function.

If there was, we’d have more third party kits in maschine format, people could move quickly between laptop, desktop, friends house, mac, and pc, without getting that crazy “samples not found” screen.

Even if you’re like me and you move samples around on your computer, this can help.

Basically this is a free video I wanted to share with Maschine users worldwide through YouTube in hopes that people see there is an easier way than saving the project with samples or trying to export your database just so you can move kits between maschines.

I hope this helps and also hope is sparks some third party sound developers to start providing kits in Maschine group format.

I also plan to go through all the bonus kits that MT members can download, turning them into maschine group files so that they auto load for ya! So make sure to check your dashboard!

Definitely spread the word about this method, it’s something that can benefit the maschine community as a whole.

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