Download Urban Arsenal 2 Kore presets for Maschine

As you know I’ve been working on getting some of the Kore soundpack libraries into Maschine format and today we got Urban Arsenal 2 ready for you

This collection of presets will let you browse, load, tweak, and morph the entire preset collection from Urban Arsenal 2 directly in Maschine using the hardware or software controls.

Each of the 236 presets from the original library are tagged according to their specific category, and have the 8 macro knobs as well as the x/y controller mapped for instant tweaking.

Right now I’m continuing to focus on translating the Kore packs that didn’t get ported into the Komplete 8 synths.

I am still busy saving and mapping other libraries from the Kore pack collection which is now discontinued.

Download the file via the link below:

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