Creating a song arrangement track using patterns

Hey what’s good family, just wanted to share another sequencing and song mode tutorial to help you grasp Maschine’s arranger.

I’ve shared multiple different ways to understand the Maschine arranger and this is one that I’ve talked about but haven’t done a video on yet. This one shows you how to use the patterns in Maschine to create your own “loop” or “pattern” track in the arranger so you can more easily lay out your songs. Say you have a 2 bar basic pattern, but you want it to play for 4 bars in one part, 16 in another, and 8 in another. Well normally you would have to double your pattern, at least one in the scene, to achieve this. Which is fine. But I want to show you another way that may be even easier for those still having trouble grasping how to build out your tracks in the arranger

Check it out and of course ask any questions you may have.

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