Using Maschine as a multi track audio recorder

What’s up MT fam! In this maschine tutorial I show you how to use maschine as a simple multi track record for recording vocals (or instruments if you prefer) into Maschine. I go through the process of what you need to setup, then record vocals, adlibs, etc, all in sync!

Reversed reverb to create an echo effect trick

This maschine tutorial video shows an old school trick to use a reversed reverb effect to create an echo effect on vocals. It’s basically an old school trick we used to do by recording a vocal with a bunch of reverb, then reversing that recording and messing with the reverb again, then reversing it back. […]

Using autotune on vocals in maschine

This is  continuation of my previous video showing how to use the free gsnap autotune vst, this one uses the actual autotune product from antares and I wanted to show this since gsnap doesn’t work on macs. If you want to record or manipulate vocal samples or vocal recordings in Maschine and want to use […]

Making a club beat and adding vocals

In this video I make a club beat from scratch in Maschine. I go through the process of adding a couple samples, recording some vocals and then throwwing some vst synths into the mix. I also show how to throw some fx on the vocals to get the right feel I’m looking for. *exclusive member […]

Adding the T-Pain auto tune effect to vocals

This is just a fun video I did showing how you can get your “t-pain” on with vocals in maschine now that it supports vst plugins. I record a quick vocal into maschine (yes you get to hear me sing, exclusive baby!) then I show you how to use a free plugin to mess around […]

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