saintjoe production process – song concept for Readywritter

So, since folks asked and seem to like the production workflow videos too, I wanted to share one with ya. this is something I was working on this afternoon for one of my good friends who is also an emcee I work with When making a track sometimes I feel it’s for a certain person, […]

Knock’s production process – Jack My Body song concept

Yo what’s good MT fam, just wanted to share some of my production process and how I go about formulating songs based on a vocal or hook idea. This is a song concept currently being worked on so I just wanted to share the process. feedback and comments always encouraged! Knock…OUT! *access instantly when you […]

Workstation Workflow: Sequencing Dimenson LE with E-mu Mophatt module

This is another workstation workflow video for ya. This time I’m using Dimension LE, which I got free when I bought the Mophatt library. I used to have ONLY this library, I had the actual keyboard version, and a standalone sequencer, no sampler, nothing. So I used to make all my tracks with this 🙂 […]

Workstation Workflow: Sequencing with Kore 2

What’s up MT fam! Got something different for ya! This is part of my personal workflow, I like to sometimes limit myself to using one particular “workstation” style plugin just to challenge my creativity I wanted to share some of this workflow with my MT fam just to give you an idea into some of […]

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