Maschine Tutorial Courses

We wanted a way to give our members a structured way to access some of the main ideas in one place.  So we created the Maschine Quickstart area to provide you with an outline to help you move along in your Maschineability. (we like that word)

The outline does not contain everything within the MT database, it is simply intended to give you a good starting point.

We suggest you use the topical category menus along the side of the website as well as the search box at the top right corner,  as a means of accessing more of the content we have within the community.

The main idea behind Maschine Tutorials is to provide a living, breathing, growing, “Machine Encyclopedia”, which allows you to access the content you need without having to go through  a specific order. However, we know many do like to have an outline of topics, especially when getting started, so that’s what the course area is for.

These “quickstart courses” by no means represent the full amount of content and topics available on the site. They simply represent a group of related topics that compliment each other well for a specific skill level, concept,  or purpose.

Maschine Tutorial Quickstart Courses:

Maschine  Basics:  The basics to get you started. From setup to creating your first pattern.  Topics include:

  • maschine setup and configuration
  • software overview
  • hardware controller overview
  • loading and playing factory sounds and kits
  • loading and playing VST/AU plugins
  • basic sequencing
  • basic sampling, saving your sounds
  • saving/exporting projects
  • saving kits, sounds, and presets
Maschine Intermediate: Get a little more deeper with the sequencer, sampling, fx, and automation. Topics include:
  • getting deeper with maschine’s sequencer
  • exploring the sampler, more sample playback options, and more live sampling options
  • deeper use of internal fx and automation
  • basic sound design and manipulation
  • more use of third party plugins including saving presets, custom mapping, and how to save cpu resources
  • proper DAW integration covering controller templates, midi routing, multi channel audio routing, and multi channel audio rendering
Maschine Advanced: Take it to the next level with sampling, sequencing, fx, vocals, and more. Topics include:
  • advanced sampling and sample manipulation
  • advanced scene and pattern sequencing, arranging
  • deeper sound design techniques, single cycle waveforms, wobble bass, etc
  • advanced fx routing, creating custom multi samples, fx automation and sequencing
  • advanced daw integration, maschine as a sound module via midi, transport control mapping, etc
  • use midi triggered fx (The Finger, Stutter Edit), plugin layering internally, using ReWire to trigger Reason
  • use of midi instruments like chord generation plugins
  • advanced sample export, export individual chops as samples, saving kits for mobility
  • how to record and manipulate vocals in maschine
  • plugin layering and stacking
  • resampling and internal time stretching

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Maschine Tutorials