MT Quick Tip: How to zoom and scroll in samples, scenes, and patterns

I use these features in Maschine a lot, especially from the software.  And I usually get asked “what did you just do” when using it in videos. This shows the 3 different ways you can zoom in and out of patterns, samples, and scenes, as well as how to scroll through them. *instantly accessible when […]

MT Quick Tip: Mute and solo sounds and groups from the software interface

Yo what’s good MT fam! I noticed people seem to really enjoy the small quick tips we post as much as the in depth stuff. So I have a few smaller tips I want to share that may enhance or aid your workflow This one is just about how to mute and solo sounds in […]

Sequencing Maschine in your DAW part 2: setting up midi routing properly in Studio One

This is part two in the Maschine in your Daw series. In this one I get into how to setup the midi routing properly so it can be recorded into your daw instead of maschine This is where it all comes together and where the flexibility happens, because now you can sequence in your favorite […]

Maschine pattern renaming, drag and drop patterns, drag and drop scenes

New in the Maschine 1.6 update is the ability to rename patterns, drag patterns around to arrange them, as well as the ability to drag scenes around.  If you are new to Maschine you probably don’t know the difference, but with this addition things become a lot more flexible and easier to keep track of. […]

Understanding the sampler and pattern areas

This is another tutorial from the software interface overview series that shows the various parts of the sampler and pattern view areas in Maschine You definitely want to be familiar with these areas as you will probably be doing most of your work in these sections. Editing and slicing samples and creating new patterns are […]

Managing VST and AU plugins inside Maschine – Installing Plugins

This video shows you how to get your plugins inside Maschine no and will work for you no matter if you are using VST or AU plugins.  It also explains how Maschine handles 32bit and 64 bit plugins differently, and how which version of the Maschine software (32 bit or 64 bit) you are using […]

Maschine software header section overview

This video in the software interface overview series takes a look at the header and explains some of the basic controls you will use when operating Maschine This includes the transport areas, file menus, volume control, swing, cpu meter, and other general functions that you need to be aware of when using the product. *you […]

exploring the Maschine control view area

This maschine tutorial video in the software interface overview shows the various tools found in the control area, this area is where most of your sound design, creation, and manipulation will take place so it’s a good idea to be very familiar with it The control area was changed a bit in Maschine 1.6, please […]

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