Maschine 2.0 understanding the MIDI and Audio configuration menu

What good is a music creation tool such as Maschine 2 without audio and midi functionality? This quick tutorial shows you each tab in the Audio and MIDI menu as well as what you need to setup to make sure you get sound, MIDI input, and MIDI output. If you have any questions about the […]

Maschine 2.0 understanding the preferences menu

Here’s a quick video going over all of the settings in the Maschine 2.0 preferences menu. This is where you will setup all of your defaults and general configuration so that you can just focus on making music! I go over everything from the default projects settings, to metronome configuration, default colors, and everything else […]

Maschine 2.0 Browser overview video

Hey fam! One of the main sections that you will be using in Maschine 2.0 is no doubt the browser. No matter if you have your own content or if you’re browsing the Native Instruments content, the browser is a central part of the experience. In this video we focus exclusively on the browser and […]

How to build a drum kit on a single pad

Yo what’s good MT Fam! This is just a creative way to use Maschine’s sampler to build an entire drum kit on a single pad, similar to drum kits in Kontakt, keyboard workstations, etc. This is useful if you plan to process your drums all together, and don’t need separated drum hits. *access instantly when […]

MT Quick Tip: See the proper midi channel for each group’s midi batch setting

When using the “sound midi batch setup” command to make your groups respond to a midi channel, it can be confusing when you go back to check them because that screen only shows the last midi batch setting you’ve made, it doesn’t store the midi channel for each group. This is because this is actually […]

Advanced Sequencing Part 2 – Turn Maschine into a linear sequencer and draw in your song arrangement

This is part 2 in the Advanced Sequencing tutorial series. This one is all about linear arrangement! Nothing further to say, watch part 1 if you haven’t, and check this out!

MT Quick Tip: How to quantize and nudge individual pads using pad mode

Just like the video showing how to delete single sounds, I previously did a video on how to quantize individual pads using the select button quantize single sounds using select button And just like I showed howto delete individual patterns using the pad mode button, I wanted to also show how to quantize and nudge […]

MT Quick Tip: Quickly delete the pattern for a single sound using pad mode

I previously showed how to delete single sounds using the select button delete single sounds with select button However today I want to show you an even quicker way, well, at least in my opinion when it comes to workflow and when you want to quickly delete the pattern of a specific ¬†sound or pad. […]

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