MT Hangout October 2016 [Replay]

Yo what’s good fam! Back with the replay of the MT Hangout for October 2016 In this hangout we talked about ram/cpu issues, Maschine Jam, Ableton Push, audio tracks in Maschine, using DJ skills as a producer, and more. Stay tuned and feel free to join us live next month for another MT Hangout. Also, feel free to stop […]

MT Hangout September 2016 [Replay]

Here’s the replay of the live MT Hangout for September 2016. In this one we talk about and do a little demo of the new Maschine Jam controller. We also talk about music business, getting taken advantage of, sharing knowledge, DAT machines and a few more things! Be sure to stop by and hang out […]

MT Hangout August 2016 [Replay]

Yo what’s good MT fam! For those that were not able to make it we had our first live MT Hangout this past weekend and we definitely had a good time. As promised, here is a recording of the hangout, we talked about Maschine, production in general, and a few other things, including Knock’s recent […]

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