How to load Akai MPC programs in Maschine

What’s good fam, this is another free video in the MPC to Maschine tutorial series aimed at helping folks who are transitioning from the hardware to software hybrid setup. Anyone that’s used an MPC for a long time will already have a huge collection of sounds, kits, and program files that they may want to use. […]

MT Quick Tip: Accessing more than 16 slices when chopping a sample

Just a quick tip tutorial showing how to access more than 16 slices in Maschine Since Maschine doesn’t have “pad banks” like on an MPC or other hardware device, this shows how you can chop your samples into 32 or more parts and actually play them from the pads Sure it’s simple, but can be […]

MT Quick Tip: Using note repeat for custom snare and drum rolls

Had a question from a member requesting a tutorial on how to do snare rolls in Maschine They are popular in a lot of down south music but snare or drum rolls are used in all types of electronic music as well. Note repeat has been a popular way to do this with the MPC […]

Free Maschine Tutorial: Tracking out audio like an MPC into Reaper in realtime

I just wanted to share one of my free maschine tutorials which shows how to setup Maschine to stream audio directly into Reaper. If you’re from the hardware days and you’re used to tracking stuff in real time, playing your mutes, solos, etc into a live audio recording, Reaper is a great tool to have. […]

Using and understanding choke groups in Maschine

This is a basic tutorial explaining Maschine choke groups. I think I may have slipped it into another video or two before but wanted to have a video specifically covering this for those new to maschine or those that may not understand why you would use this feature. Many are used to this feature from […]

Free Maschine Tutorial: save your kits with samples so you can move and share them

One of the most common things I hear from people when it comes to their Maschine kits and samples, is how do you save them so you can move them between machines or share them with people. This was a huge plus for the mpc pgm format, you could easily create and share kits, companies […]

MPC to Maschine tutorial: understanding sounds, samples, and keygroups

This is part of a series of tutorials that helps people moving over from the Akai MPC to Maschine. This free tutorial explains some of the terms and ideas that may seem different, but can really be quite similar if they are explained properly.  This video deals with sounds, samples, and keygroups as it relates […]

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