Knock making a beat with the Street Swarm expansion

In this video, Knock messes around with the new Street Swarm expansion. This is his way of checking out a new expansion and seeing what’s in it…by making a track. Have any of you messed with this expansion? Let us know! Also, if you want to see more videos of expansions like this let us […]

Knock having fun with the Lazer Dice Maschine expansion

Here’s a quick video posted on YouTube messing around with the Lazer Dice expansion from NI Going through the process of remaking a beat done with the sounds, showing the different parts and such. Using Maschine Studio and the Akai Max 49 in this one

Diginoiz releases new drum collection in Maschine format

Yo what’s good fam, just a heads up that Diginoiz just released a new collection of drums pre formatted for Maschine  (I told you I was going to try to get more developers to do this!) It brings together the Digi Drums and Drums Injection collection into one package, tagged, kitted, and ready to go […]

NI True School Expansion Exploration – The Kits

This tutorial is all about going through each drum and sample kit in the NI True School expansion library for Maschine I want you as members to know exactly what you will be getting if you decide to get this expansion from Native Instruments I show you every drum kit, every sample kit, and every […]

NI True School Expansion Exploration – The Instruments

Yo MT Fam, this is part 2 of the NI True School Maschine expansion exploration series This video shows off all the instrument sounds included. Just want you to know exactly what you get…. I think I may do this for all Maschine expansions from now on 🙂 I go through all the keys, synths, […]

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