How to use an iOS step sequencer and arp in Maschine (using StepPolyArp)

Hey what’s good fam, hope all is well! Today I’m sharing another iOS tip, if you remember a while ago I did a video on using chord generator apps from iOS with Maschine. That was at least a year or so ago. This is another video I’ve been wanting to show you as well, as […]

Using Yamaha iOS app to record arps and chords in Maschine

Hey what’s good fam! One of our most popular tutorials was where I showed how to play and record chords in Maschine But using chord and arp plugins in Maschine can be a little confusing with the routing and I constantly get questions on how to use an arp, step sequencer, or chord generator in […]

Exporting your iMaschine projects into Maschine

Sup fam, been getting more and more questions on how to export projects from iMaschine into your computer so you can open and work on them in Maschine. I must admit, this is one of my favorite features of iMaschine, aside from the workflow, the fact that I know I can finish it up in […]

Sequencing an iPad as a sound module via MIDI

What’s good fam, back with another workflow video on using the iPad as a sound module (or iPhone, iPod) This time I’m sequencing it in Maschine via MIDI I just got my iRig MIDI adapter so I pulled it out and was messing around with it, decided to turn the camera on and show the […]

Using an iPad as a live sound source

I got an iPad now, so of course I have to show how I use it with Maschine Yes I use it on it’s own for mobile beat sketching and other things, but when in the lab I use it as a sound source for Maschine In this video I just wanted to kinda show […]

Easily sample anything using your phone or iPod

This video shows how easy it is to get to sampling by using your phone or iPod with Maschine. For many this is much easier and even more flexible than trying to figure out how to route sounds virtually through different software, etc. By using your phone or iPod you can sample anything from your […]

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