Knock’s 7 minute workout user edition: Beethoven’s Symphony No 7 in A major

Hey what’s up MT fam! I got a request to do a 7 minute workout with a specific Beethoven track! It’s an mp3 so I had to figure out a creative way to virtually “drop the needle” but still the same concept. I give myself 7 minutes to sample, chop, and come up with a […]

7 minute sampling #2 the 5 minute edition

In this video I do another 7 minute sampling exercise, but this time I limit myself to only 5 minutes. I drop the needle on the record, sample whatever it lands on into Maschine, then chop it up and try to make a beat with it.

7 minute sampling #1 – Lemonade

In this video, Knock shows his routine of sample practicing. The idea is to drop the needle anywhere on the record and maschine sample it . He then gives himself 7 minutes from that point to come up with a beat. Sometimes where the needle drops is WACK, but he does his best to chop it up and at least […]

Maschine Tip: Knock’s 7 minute workout, making a fast beat

This video shows how Knock likes to “workout” his sampling skills, by finding random records, sampling into Maschine, then chopping and making a beat in 7 minutes. To get instant access to all advanced tutorials, private members forum, free downloads, and more, join the maschine tutorials membership today. Join Now!

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