7 minute sample challenge – Black Beauty

I know I know, it’s been a while but I have a lot of catching up to do on the sample challenges, long story. But gotta start somewhere huh? You know the drill, members post songs or artists in the forum that they want me to sample, and I have 7 minutes to chop the […]

7 minute sampling challenge – Aristocats

Hey what’s up family, back with another sampling workout on Maschine. This one was a challenge to do something with a sample from the movie Aristocats. So I’m taking the sample, chopping it up in Maschine, and making a beat all in 7 minutes or so. As I said before, this is something I do […]

7 minute workout – MT Factory workout #3

Yo what’s up MT Family I was about to make a beat for the MT Factory workout, and I decided to just mix it with the 7 minute workout So I just turned on the camera to see what I came up with  

Knock 7 minute challenge – Barbie Girl

What’s up MT Family? This tutorial is a 7 minute sampling workout where I take a song, sample it in Maschine, and make a beat with it in 7 minutes. Got a 7 minute workout challenge from Nekkron99 I been trying to avoid Now everyone here knows why I blow him up for no apparent […]

Knock 7 Minute Maschine Mikro Challenge

I got challenged to do a 7 minute workout with the Maschine Mikro I will admit, I’m not as comfortable with it yet because I just got it, and the sample editing with the single knob isn’t as smooth as I like. Joe gave me some advice on how to get more control over the […]

7 Minute user challenge – Ryuichi Sakamoto

I know it’s been a minute, but gotta get my workout on! Big shout out to Big Syborg! Let’s go!

Knock 7 minute user challenge – Smokestack

Another sampling challenge from one of the MT fam. Smokestack….o0h-oooooh-oooh Taking the song, sampling in Maschine, and making a beat in 7 minutes. Let’s go!

Knock 7 minute user challenge – Status Quo

Yeaaaaaaaah…..I fell off the wagon, haven’t been working out. MT fam talked about my flabby fingers too…. Well I’m back on it, so we gonna get it started with “Status Quo” Sampling the song, making a beat in Maschine, 7 minutes  

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