7 Minute Challenge: Beatles Eleanor Rigby

Hey what’s up MT family! Back from the holiday with another 7 minute challenge requested in the forum. This one is Eleanor Rigby, taking it and chopping it up to make a quick beat in 7 minutes in Maschine If you have any requests make sure you put them in the 7 minute workout forum: https://maschinetutorials.com/forum/7-minute-challenge-requests/

7 Minute Workout – finding the groove

Hey what’s up yall, back with another 7 minute workout just trying to shake the rust off You know the drill, I sample something into Maschine, and try to make a beat with it in 7 minutes. The concept behind this idea is a workout to get yourself used to sampling and chopping up samples […]

Knock 7 minute sample workout – shaking the rust off

I’m rusty! It’s been a minute since I did a workout, but I got my setup all back in order and I’m ready to go. You know the deal, taking a sample from the record, trying to make a beat in Maschine in 7 minutes. The idea here is to get used to working with […]

7 minute workout vacation edition – Cold Blood

Hey what’s good MT Family! Back with another 7 minute challenge. Grabbed one of the requests from the new forum, the song was Cold Blood – I’m a good woman So you know the deal, I take a part of the song, sample it into Maschine, and try to make a beat in 7 minutes […]

7 minute sample challenge – Police Woman

Hey what’s up family, back with another sample workout Today’s challenge was from the forum member Sam, it’s the Police Woman theme. As usual, I take the sample, chop it up in Maschine, and try to make a beat in 7 minutes Let’s go! *access instantly when you join today!

7 minute sample workout – back to the boards

Yo what’s good family? Back with another 7 minute sample challenge. This time I went into the forums and picked one of the user requests. I sample the song into Maschine, chop it up, and try to make a beat in 7 minutes. Be forewarned, I messed up in this one, made maschine freeze up […]

7 minute sample workout – back to vinyl

Like I said, one to two 7 minute workouts per week… I wanted to get back to sampling from vinyl and working with the samples in maschine so that’s what I did here Again, the whole reason for these workouts is to show the process of sampling, chopping, and to just work on finding good […]

7 minute sample challenge – MW3

Thanks to the fam for clowning me in the forums, sometimes a little motivation gets you back on the grind. So today I’m taking care of Mean Gene’s sample challenge for MW3…gotta get back in the sample gym yall I take the song, sample it in maschine, and try to make a new beat in […]

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