Knock 7 Minute Workout – Christmas Edition

In the midst of all the holiday celebration, Knock decided to put out a 7 minute workout on his YouTube channel for Christmas. Here’s the video of him sampling from a record, into Maschine, and making a track in 7 minutes. Let us know what you think about it!

7 Minute Sample Challenge – Make Believe

Knock is back to tackle another 7 minute sample challenge, this one is from the forum and the requested song was “Make Believe” by Meghan and Lucas. So you know the process, within 7 minutes Knock tries to sample the song, chop it, and make a beat. Always a good way to work on your […]

7 minute sample challenge – Brad 20th Century

Here’s Knock’s latest 7 minute workout challenge received in the forum. This one is done using Brad “20th Centruy” If you have any questions just ask.

Knock 7 minute sandwich workout with Maschine Studio

A new 7 minute sample workout in Maschine 2.0 with Maschine Studio Find a record, sample it into Maschine, chop it up, and try to make a quick beat in 7 minutes. You know what it is, so let’s have some fun!

7 Minute Challenge – Psyche Rock

Hey what’s up MT Family! Knock is back to knocking out these 7 minute challenges, going back to catch up on some of the ones missed from the forum This one is a joint called Psyche Rock You know the deal, I take the track that you give me, sample it in Maschine, chop it […]

7 Minute sample workout – House edition

Back with another 7 minute sample workout for you. Still sampling from vinyl, but this time I turn it into a House track. The normal routine here, sample from vinyl into Maschine, chop up the sample, and try to make a beat with it in 7 minutes. Again, I encourage everyone to do this if […]

7 minute sample workout – Cutting Crew

Hey what’s up MT Family? Back with another 7 minute sampling workout, this one was a request from a member in the forum. So I take this song by Cutting Crew, chop it up and make a beat in Maschine within 7 minutes. This is something I like to do to exercise my sampling skills. […]

7 Minute Challenge: Beatles Eleanor Rigby

Hey what’s up MT family! Back from the holiday with another 7 minute challenge requested in the forum. This one is Eleanor Rigby, taking it and chopping it up to make a quick beat in 7 minutes in Maschine

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