Maschine 2 Creating Custom Kick Drums

We had a question in the forum on how to create custom kick drums in Maschine to match or get close to drums heard in specific songs. In this video Knock shows how to craft new drums from scratch directly inside of Maschine and get them exactly or close to the sound you want from […]

Knock Trap EDM Beat Production Workflow

Hey what’s good MT fam! Had a question in the forums about Trap/EDM style production and of course so I figured we’d get Knock on it. This video is just the process showing how to build up a Trap style track. Check it out and of course if you have any questions feel free to ask.  

Using Maschine Studio as a multi track audio recorder

For those that like to use external gear with Maschine but prefer to work with audio this video shows the process. I know many of you that use external gear are probably used to this but if not this video will show how to set it up Basically I create “audio tracks” in Maschine’s sequencer […]

Knock club beat production workflow

Hey what’s up MT Family! I’m back with another workflow video. For those that don’t know I moved down to ATL so now I’m getting settled in and back to the videos. This video just shows the process and workflow I go through when making a Club or Electronic style track. Really just showing what […]

7 Minute sample workout – House edition

Back with another 7 minute sample workout for you. Still sampling from vinyl, but this time I turn it into a House track. The normal routine here, sample from vinyl into Maschine, chop up the sample, and try to make a beat with it in 7 minutes. Again, I encourage everyone to do this if […]

Pulp Fiction sampling and electronic beatmaking workflow

Hey what’s up MT Family? Just wanted to share a Maschine workflow video I’ve been thinking about for a couple weeks, wanted to sample a few things from a certain scene in the movie Pulp Fiction. I take the samples, chop them up in Maschine and use them while construction an electronic dance style track. […]

Knock MT M-paq Workout workflow

Hey fam, just was messing around with the sounds in the M-paq MT workout and figured I’d turn on the camera and press record. This is just a video showing my workflow of putting together a track, the different ideas and processes I go through, hopefully you can pick up some small tips or even […]

Using the step sequencer: programming a house beat

Yo what’s good MT Fam? This tutorial is focused on step sequencing with the original Maschine controller It differs from the Mikro in a few ways in terms of the controls and some of the wording you get, same basic concept though You can definitely get a bit more control over your groove and specific […]

Using the step sequencer: making a house beat with Maschine Mikro

I wanted to share a tutorial for the Maschine Mikro with a different workflow for some that may not be used to or even mess with the step sequencer Maschine actually has a pretty good step sequencer, really fast to lay down a groove. I like to switch up the workflow at times, as you […]

Disco House production tutorial

What’s up MT Family, back again with another club/house production tutorial for Maschine This time I went disco with it…shout out to NotoriousSee for the request Again just showing my process of making the beat, choosing the synths, and getting the general ideas down. *members only video content, access instantly when you join today

Club beat production workflow tutorial

We have many members asking about more Club and Electronic themed tutorials for Maschine As a dj, I actually do club and electronic music quite often, about as much as I do hip hop so I figured I would just share some of my workflow and process I go through when creating. I show my […]

Dubstep workflow synth resampling explained

Yo what’s up MT Family, this is a follow up to my first dubsetp workflow video I realized I didn’t show you the process I go through when actually sampling the synths I want to use into Maschine So here it is! enjoy! *exclusive video for members only, access instantly when you join today!

Dubstep workflow in Maschine explained

This is just a lil video showing how I’ve been exploring and getting into creating Dubstep music with Maschine I’m no Dubstep producer, I’m just getting into making it. My style is more sample based so I show how I use Massive and other synths, resample, and make my Dubstep beats. peace! *exclusive member content, […]

Making a club beat and adding vocals

In this video I make a club beat from scratch in Maschine. I go through the process of adding a couple samples, recording some vocals and then throwwing some vst synths into the mix. I also show how to throw some fx on the vocals to get the right feel I’m looking for. *exclusive member […]

How to take an acapella and use it for making a remix

In this tutorial I show my process of finding an acapella, where I get it from, then how I sample it into Maschine, chop it, add fx, and make a club remix. I used a Rhianna acapella to make a club mix or remix directly in Maschine *exclusive member tutorial video, access instantly when you […]

Maschine Tips: Knocksquared Rude Boy electric mix

Free maschine video showing a remix of Rude Boy For instant access to all advanced tutorials, the private members forum, free downloads, and more, join the maschine tutorials membership today. Join Now!!