Knock 7 Minute Workout – Christmas Edition

In the midst of all the holiday celebration, Knock decided to put out a 7 minute workout on his YouTube channel for Christmas. Here’s the video of him sampling from a record, into Maschine, and making a track in 7 minutes. Let us know what you think about it!

Knock 7 Minute Workout Thanksgiving Edition

Hey what’s good fam, hope all is well. If you’re celebrating the holiday hope you’re enjoying your weekend and all the sales Knock dropped a 7 minute workout on YouTube and I just wanted to share it with the fam, make sure you’re subscribed to his channel as well. As you know, he samples from a […]

7 Minute Sample Challenge – Make Believe

Knock is back to tackle another 7 minute sample challenge, this one is from the forum and the requested song was “Make Believe” by Meghan and Lucas. So you know the process, within 7 minutes Knock tries to sample the song, chop it, and make a beat. Always a good way to work on your […]

7 minute sample challenge – Brad 20th Century

Here’s the latest 7 minute workout challenge received in the forum. Any songs you want to request a 7 minute workout for just post it in the 7 minute workout section in the forum. The song will get chopped up in Maschine and turned into a beat in 7 minutes. This one is done […]

Knock 7 minute sandwich workout with Maschine Studio

A new 7 minute sample workout in Maschine 2.0 with Maschine Studio Find a record, sample it into Maschine, chop it up, and try to make a quick beat in 7 minutes. You know what it is, so let’s have some fun!

7 Minute Challenge – Psyche Rock

Hey what’s up MT Family! Back to knocking out these 7 minute challenges, going back to catch up on some of the ones I missed from the forum This one is a joint called Psyche Rock You know the deal, I take the track that you give me, sample it in Maschine, chop it up, […]

7 Minute sample workout – House edition

Back with another 7 minute sample workout for you. Still sampling from vinyl, but this time I turn it into a House track. The normal routine here, sample from vinyl into Maschine, chop up the sample, and try to make a beat with it in 7 minutes. Again, I encourage everyone to do this if […]

7 minute sample workout – Cutting Crew

Hey what’s up MT Family? Back with another 7 minute sampling workout, this one was a request from a member in the forum. So I take this song by Cutting Crew, chop it up and make a beat in Maschine within 7 minutes. This is something I like to do to exercise my sampling skills. […]

7 Minute Challenge: Beatles Eleanor Rigby

Hey what’s up MT family! Back from the holiday with another 7 minute challenge requested in the forum. This one is Eleanor Rigby, taking it and chopping it up to make a quick beat in 7 minutes in Maschine If you have any requests make sure you put them in the 7 minute workout forum: […]

7 Minute Workout – finding the groove

Hey what’s up yall, back with another 7 minute workout just trying to shake the rust off You know the drill, I sample something into Maschine, and try to make a beat with it in 7 minutes. The concept behind this idea is a workout to get yourself used to sampling and chopping up samples […]

Knock 7 minute sample workout – shaking the rust off

I’m rusty! It’s been a minute since I did a workout, but I got my setup all back in order and I’m ready to go. You know the deal, taking a sample from the record, trying to make a beat in Maschine in 7 minutes. The idea here is to get used to working with […]

7 minute workout vacation edition – Cold Blood

Hey what’s good MT Family! Back with another 7 minute challenge. Grabbed one of the requests from the new forum, the song was Cold Blood – I’m a good woman So you know the deal, I take a part of the song, sample it into Maschine, and try to make a beat in 7 minutes […]

7 minute sample challenge – Police Woman

Hey what’s up family, back with another sample workout Today’s challenge was from the forum member Sam, it’s the Police Woman theme. As usual, I take the sample, chop it up in Maschine, and try to make a beat in 7 minutes Let’s go! *access instantly when you join today!

7 minute sample workout – back to the boards

Yo what’s good family? Back with another 7 minute sample challenge. This time I went into the forums and picked one of the user requests. I sample the song into Maschine, chop it up, and try to make a beat in 7 minutes. Be forewarned, I messed up in this one, made maschine freeze up […]

7 minute sample workout – back to vinyl

Like I said, one to two 7 minute workouts per week… I wanted to get back to sampling from vinyl and working with the samples in maschine so that’s what I did here Again, the whole reason for these workouts is to show the process of sampling, chopping, and to just work on finding good […]

7 minute sample challenge – MW3

Thanks to the fam for clowning me in the forums, sometimes a little motivation gets you back on the grind. So today I’m taking care of Mean Gene’s sample challenge for MW3…gotta get back in the sample gym yall I take the song, sample it in maschine, and try to make a new beat in […]

7 minute sample challenge – Black Beauty

I know I know, it’s been a while but I have a lot of catching up to do on the sample challenges, long story. But gotta start somewhere huh? You know the drill, members post songs or artists in the forum that they want me to sample, and I have 7 minutes to chop the […]

7 minute sampling challenge – Aristocats

Hey what’s up family, back with another sampling workout on Maschine. This one was a challenge to do something with a sample from the movie Aristocats. So I’m taking the sample, chopping it up in Maschine, and making a beat all in 7 minutes or so. As I said before, this is something I do […]

7 minute workout – MT Factory workout #3

Yo what’s up MT Family I was about to make a beat for the MT Factory workout, and I decided to just mix it with the 7 minute workout So I just turned on the camera to see what I came up with  

Knock 7 minute challenge – Barbie Girl

What’s up MT Family? This tutorial is a 7 minute sampling workout where I take a song, sample it in Maschine, and make a beat with it in 7 minutes. Got a 7 minute workout challenge from Nekkron99 I been trying to avoid Now everyone here knows why I blow him up for no apparent […]

Knock 7 Minute Maschine Mikro Challenge

I got challenged to do a 7 minute workout with the Maschine Mikro I will admit, I’m not as comfortable with it yet because I just got it, and the sample editing with the single knob isn’t as smooth as I like. Joe gave me some advice on how to get more control over the […]